Your Free Ottawa Irrigation System Estimate

What to expect during a free estimate: During your free quote for an irrigation system at your Ottawa home we will discuss your landscaping watering needs. This blog will give you a good idea of what to expect when we come to visit you at your home to discuss the installation of an automatic irrigation system.

During an estimate, we will first need to obtain some key information in order to provide you with an accurate price quote that meets your exact needs. Following are a few of the key questions we will ask you and information we will gather:

Your specific watering needs for your property: What would you like to be watered? Do you want everything watered? Or just parts of your property (i.e. just the front yard? Front and back lawn but no garden beds? Etc.)?

Location of the controller: Where would you like the controller to be mounted? We can install it in the garage, or outside on an exterior wall. We will provide you with a quick rundown of how the controller works and show you a quick demonstration for operating it.

Valve box location(s): We will show you a valve box and explain it in some detail, including the components it houses. The valve box is a housing that contains the valves and wire connections. It’s purpose is to allow for easy access to the important components for servicing purposes). You will never have to access the valve boxes, however we like to show you how they look and work regardless.

Where would you like your valve boxes to be located on the property? With our recommendations and your concerns, we will determine a good location for each valve box that you are happy with.

Water source:

  • City of Ottawa water: Locate water meter. We will need to determine the size of the pipe that we will tie into (3/4″ copper or 1/2″copper, etc.). This is key information we need to provide the licensed plumber that we will sub-contract.
  • Well water: We will need to locate and determine the pump and well specifications (volumetric flow rate, horsepower rating, operating pressure, recovery rate for well, etc.).
  • Open fresh water (river or lake): We will determine the pump size and specifications required and recommend a specific manufacturer and pump for you to purchase.

Operating Parameters: We will determine the water output at the source where it will connect to the irrigation system (input to main valve). This consists of measuring and calculating static and working pressure, as well as flow rate.

Design: Once this essential information is recorded, we will begin the design of the Ottawa irrigation system (for more information see blog post ‘Irrigation 101’). We will draw a map of your property and determine proper placement and zoning of automatic sprinkler heads, valves and the controller; and ensure that you are satisfied with how your final product will look. All designs will have head to head coverage. We do this to ensure maximum system efficiency and water distribution uniformity.

Special requirements:

  • Size of property: Depending on the size of your property, we will determine whether the use of a pipe pulling machine (vibratory plow) is needed to install the irrigation pipes.
  • Type of terrain: The type terrain on your property will also be inspected. For example, a very rough terrain (rocks, clay, tree roots, etc.) will require more careful installation than a normal terrain with regular dirt or soil.
  • Planned/on-going landscaping: If landscaping is (will be) taking place, we will need to determine if/when we need to put sleeves under any future interlock, driveways, walkways, etc. Irrigation is best installed after final grade but before sod/seeding. We will talk with landscapers and determine the best date for installation.

Pricing: Once we know the number and type of automatic sprinkler heads and valves required, as well as take into consideration the size and terrain type of your property, we will calculate a final price for your system. We will provide you with brochures for the products and system components we use, as well as show you the written work contract that would be signed should you decide to proceed with having an irrigation system installed by Running Irrigation. We will also discuss possible dates for the irrigation system to be installed; and, a date can be confirmed once you accept and sign a contract with Running Irrigation.

Stay tuned for the next post describing more detail of what goes on during the irrigation system planning and construction/installation process.

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