A Beautiful Landscape

We offer friendly service to install irrigation systems that ensure adequate and even watering to lawns, flower beds, shrubs, trees, and gardens. Having a system installed by us will ensure an efficient design with uniform water distribution and minimized water usage.  We take the guess work out of when you need to water your lawn, and virtually eliminate the time and effort required to water your lawn manually. Through precision system design, Running Irrigation’s professionals can custom design a system that meets your landscaping needs, assuring the ultimate end result – a beautiful, healthy landscape.

Professional Design

The design professionals at Running Irrigation are able to design a system that can meet each and every design challenge presented. Granted, a beautiful, green lawn is the first objective of any irrigation system. But, equally important is the investment our clients have made in bedding plants, shrubbery and trees. Each has its own unique water requirement that must be taken into consideration when developing any irrigation system design.

High-Quality Products

Running Irrigation uses products from Rain Bird and Hunter, two of the leading manufacturers in the irrigation industry. This ensures that we provide a system built with top quality components while meeting all your individual property needs. Running Irrigation knows the inherent strengths and weaknesses of every product manufactured today. Utilizing products from two of the top manufacturers ensures that your system is long-lasting and performs at it’s best.


Running Irrigation offers the following services:

  • Free Inspections and Estimates
  • Installations (Residential and Commercial)
  • Spring Opening
  • Mid-Season Check-up and Maintenance
  • Fall Closing (Winterization)
  • Servicing & Repair of Existing Systems


All new irrigation system installations come with the following:

  • Free estimate
  • Custom designed to meet your watering needs
  • Includes 1st Winterization Free
  • Includes 1st Spring Opening Free
  • We arrange for locates of underground utilities
  • Sub-contracting of licensed plumber
  • As-Built drawing upon completion
  • 3-year Guarantee*
  • Warranty on parts and materials**


New system installations come with a 3-year guarantee on system design and workmanship. Not only are we committed to installing quality irrigation systems, but we guarantee the integrity and durability of these systems to ensure they last for many seasons to come.


All system components are covered under comprehensive warranties according to the manufacturers’ product warranties.