Ottawa Irrigation FAQ

Will an automatic sprinkler system use more water than I’m currently using? No. In fact, it will conserve water. Today’s controllers and rain sensors are capable of programming the right amount of water to meet your needs. You will not over-water or under-water your lawn with an automatic sprinkler system. Saving time and money!

Does having a sprinkler system really save time? Yes! In today’s society there’s not enough time to do the things you need to do much less water the lawn. Automatic sprinkler systems are programmed to water at times that won’t interfere with household water use. Whether you are home or away, your system will do the watering for you!

Can I do my own Irrigation Plan or should I consult a Professional? Designing and installing an irrigation system is very time consuming and needs to be done right in order to function efficiently. It is recommended that you get a professional to design and install your irrigation system in a timely and professional manner.

Is it expensive to have a Professional design your Irrigation System? What you will spend in hiring a professional to plan your irrigation system, you will save in the long term.

How do I know what Irrigation System is best for me? When you hire a professional, they will work with you to get the best type of system that will meet your needs. They will take into consideration the water, source, soil type, pressure, climate, and conditions of your property.

How long will it take to complete my Irrigation System? It really does depend on the size of your property and layout of your landscape. Proper zoning and conditions dictate how intricate your irrigation system needs to be. For straight forward jobs it may take one to two days, but for complex designs it can take up to a week.

Will an automatic sprinkler system water as effectively as I can water by hand? It will do a much more efficient job because a professionally designed system will deliver exactly the right amount of water to individual lawn and garden areas.

Will I have difficulty operating this system? No! Your contractor will explain to you how your controller works and how the watering times have been set. Then if necessary, the watering times can be adjusted by following the instructions on the inside of the controller cabinet. And that is it; the system does the rest for you.

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